i3, llc Services

As a SDVOB and a small business, i3 is committed to agile business practices and value added solutions for Government partners. As a provider of both custom and off-the-shelf solutions for complex hardware and software problems, i3 strives to bring objectivity, technical sophistication and life cycle value propositions together to meet important customer needs. i3 is a value-added reseller of IT products and solutions, with expert focus on storage and advanced data management. i3 believes that rapid data access from heterogeneous sources, accurate and reliable data reduction, specialized extraction and correlation leading to graphic visualization of output will be key components of the next revolution in businesses processes and new efficiencies in government. We provide support to the decision process by efficiently assigning processes that are optimized for machines to machines and freeing humans to concentrate on the processes where humans perform far better than computers. We intend to remain on the cutting edge of the next phase of the data revolution………the knowledge revolution. With a fully-cleared, experienced team in Intelligence Community problems, i3 can provide solutions developed in a wide variety of business domains to the specialized problems of national security, and implement and maintain those solutions for customers who require cleared support. In addition, i3 provides technical support to the electronics, construction and audio visual sectors for problems that require specialized engineering.