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i3 is a value-added reseller of IT products and solutions, with expert focus on storage and advanced data management. i3 believes that rapid data access from heterogeneous sources, accurate and reliable data reduction, specialized extraction and correlation leading to graphic visualization of output will be key components of the next revolution in businesses processes and new efficiencies in Government. Some of the products i3 resells include products from Isilon Systems, Network Appliance, Aspera, Overtone Software, and other storage solutions to both Government and non-Government agencies. These companies rely on i3’s knowledge of the intelligence community to provide both the technical and practical solutions to their difficult information management problems.


Mercury is an example of i3’s innovative approach to fulfilling our customers’ toughest requirements. In response to emergent Government & commercial client requirements to provide automated video analysis and translation with high end network storage and cutting edge digital file transfer capabilities, i3 partnered with Isilon – the worldwide leader in Digital storage, Decisive Analytics Mainship video exploitation system, and Aspera, a lightning fast file transfer solution, to provide a fast, scaleable, and reliable solution.